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Microbiome Seminar Series – Past Presentations

Date Speaker Presentation
16-May-18 Dr. Helen Tremlett The gut microbiota in (paediatric) multiple sclerosis: epidemiology
19-Apr-18 Dr. Fiona Brinkman Microbiome Analysis in a One Health, Evolutionary, Context
21-Mar-18 Dr. Sarah Redmond Autism and the Microbiome – Examining the relationship through the iTARGET-Autism Initiative
21-Feb-18 Nelly Amenyogbe Interactions between systemic immunity and gut microbiota in four infant populations
17-Jan-18 Alissa Cait Understanding the effect off the microbiome and microbial metabolites on early life immune-development with long-term consequences for asthma.
8-Nov-17 Florent Mazel Understanding the evolution of mammals and their gut microbiota: an alternative way to discover our beneficial
11-Oct-17 Ali Mirza Review of two Microbiome papers: “Gut microbiota from multiple sclerosis patients enables spontaneous autoimmune encephalomyelitis in mice.” and “Gut bacteria from multiple sclerosis patients modulate human T cells and exacerbate symptoms in mouse models.”
27-Sep-17 Anusha Gandhi Microbiome Insights
14-Jul-17 Marc Sze The effect of treatment on the microbiota of patients with colonic lesions
14-Jun-17 Millan Patel Amniotic fluid metagenomics
12-Apr-17 Hannah Robinson The impact of dietary fiber on the microbiomeand neuro-inflammation in EAE (a murine Multiple Sclerosis model)
8-Mar-17 Thea Van Rossum & Mike Peabody  Dynamics of viral, bacterial and microeukaryotic communities in rivers
1-Feb-17 Mihai Cirstea Journal Club: Gut Microbiota Regulate Motor Deficits and Neuroinflammation in a Model of Parkinson’s Disease
19-Oct-16 Dr. M. Victoria Ayala Nutritional interventions in ageing and neurodegeneration processes: A potential role of the microbiota as a possible modifier
17-Aug-16 Dr. Shirin Kalyan, CeMCOR Is the oral microbiome linked to the serious adverse drug effect, bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaw?  –  And  –  Brief Introduction to another study – The Role of the Virome in Preterm Birth
20-Jul-16 Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta Early-life microbiome and pediatric asthma
8-Jun-16 Dr. Lisa Osborne Journal Club: Host microbiota constantly control maturation and function of microglia in the CNS
18-May-16 Dr. Amee Manges Journal Club: The intestinal microbiota and growth faltering in infants
27-Apr-16 Dr. Kylynda Bauer Microbes and the mind: emerging hallmarks of the gut microbiota–brain axis
16-Mar-16 Dr. Helen Tremlett “A monthly Microbiome seminar series including speakers and journal club”


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